Put the Waist on your cow, not on the ground!

“It saves a lot of hay”, said Flegen, who operates a cow/calf and feedlot operation south of Dell Rapids. “You drop a bale in those feeders and drop a bale in one of Ted’s feeders and you just about want to cry when you walk into the yard later,” Flegen said. “With brand X feeder, a quarter of the bale is on the ground.”

“They are designed so that anything the cows pull, falls down inside the feeder where they can clean it up,” said Brown, who lives 10 miles west of Dell Rapids. “I recommend them to anyone that wants to save money with the price of feed.”

He adds that the Hay Manager is built to take “farmer abuse”.

Michigan State University
Increasing ending weight, increased back-fat depth, increased body condition score at a decreased use of hay consumption.
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Michigan State University
3.4% waste with cone
6.1% waste with ring
11.4% waste with trailer
14.6% waste with cradle
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Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
Tips to reduce winter feeding costs Reduce hay feeding costs


“In a couple months it will pay for itself in hay savings alone!”
Eric G. - Homer, NE
“We don’t have any skinny cows”
Brian N. - Ohio

“It’d get less than 100 days to get your return on this investment.”
Kevin M. – Dell Rapids, SD

“Bought one 5 years ago and later 3 more today. Haven’t done any repairs on them and plan to last 10 more years.”
Boyd G. - Homer, NE
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